Relaxation Hammock by cervical traction


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Long day? Rough night? Pain in the neck and spine? Relax instantly and relieve your pain with the cervical hammock Catseya™


Instant relief

Depending on the postures you take during the day or at night, your neck, your shoulders and generally your upper back may hurt. If you are a little tired, this area can become tense and painful. These pains are sometimes acute and can interfere with your daily life.

The hammock has been studied and developed by a group of osteopaths and physiotherapists to instantly remedy this problem.. 

The effect is immediate, the good provided will be unprecedented and the relief will delight you!

Approved by millions of people around the world, it finally makes its entrance in the USA!



What does it consist of?

Cervical traction involves stretching the muscles to release accumulated tension. It is the most effective way to relieve neck pain. It is a technique that has been used by physiotherapists and chiropractors for decades. The Cervical Relaxation Kit can give you relief anywhere, anytime.

Free yourself from tension migraines, pinched nerves, pain caused by herniated discs, general pressure, and eliminate all tension.

✔️ Neck, shoulder and back stretching.

✔️ Stretching the vertebrae for better blood flow.

✔️ Instant pain relief.

✔️ Better oxygenation in the intervertebral spaces

✔️ Gentle and intense relaxation.


The Cervical Relaxation Kit is complete, the sensation is pleasant, so pleasant that our testers fell asleep using the device!

Why should you trust us?

✔️ Thousands of satisfied customers.

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✔️ Money back guarantee.